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Nowadays, it is difficult to choose a good floor protection that is best for your unique floor. There are countless options, from cheap to expensive and from paper to plastic.

Today, I'm listing the benefits of V-PRO and why it's the perfect option for your home remodel!

V-Pro Floor Protection


V-PRO is more water-resistant than normal hard card boards. This is because V-PRO is made from fruit juice containers that are water-repellent. Because of this, V-PRO can stop all types of liquids, even if it is left on for a long time.

Stays Flat

When the V-PRO is rolled out, it remains nice and straight on the ground so that it only has to be attached to the ground. This ensures a better user-friendliness and is therefore super practical. Hard Card Boards often stay curled, making it difficult to unroll.

Light Weight

The V-PRO is 50% lighter than the Hard Card boards. Even though it is lighter, the protection is no less. Easy to use, easy to carry. The V-PRO weighs per 317 sq ft, 23.15 lbs and the hard card boards for the same number of sq ft, 46 LBS.


The V-pro is made from recycled fruit juice containers, thus making the V-Pro a recycled product. At V-Pro, the mission is Zero Paper Waste, and this is what we do everything for.

Still not convinced?

Contact us and experience the quality of our brand and service for yourself! Contact us here.


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