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V-PRO, our unique brand, traces its origins back to the Netherlands in 1997. What commenced with handmade rolls and local sales swiftly evolved into an unexpected journey of growth and innovation. From a modest creative repurposing of waste to securing our first distributor, V-PRO embarked on a roadmap that would redefine standards in the floor protection industry. 


As we worked our way into the Dutch market by introducing our product to the field, an expected demand emerged. V-PRO promptly became the 'Red Bull' of the floor protection industry, setting a new benchmark. Our brand became the synonymous name with floor protection in general used to protect floors. 

To meet the continuously changing needs of the construction, home improvement and painting industry we are constantly improving our product range.

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Our factory and production, based in the Netherlands, stand as a testament to our commitment to quality. Over 100 individuals, driven by passion, contribute to crafting each roll that proudly bears the V-PRO name. The average tenure of our hardworking team members exceeds 7+ years, a testament to the loyalty we inspire as we endeavor to be a home for our people. 


Behind the scenes, a dedicated team fuels the V-PRO vision. With innovation at our core, we've fostered a company culture that values creativity, sustainability, and delivering products that surpass expectations. 


What commenced as a local endeavor has burgeoned into a global force. For over four years now, V-PRO has expanded its reach globally. From Australia and New Zealand to all corners of Europe, and rapidly growing in the United States and Canada, we've become a recognized name. Our collaborations with large wholesalers and distributors ensure that V-PRO is accessible locally, whether you're a painter, contractor, or DIY enthusiast. 


Our company is dedicated to achieving zero paper waste, embodying a commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible resource management. 


We produce our products using waste streams from all over the world. Learn more about our mission with the button below.

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As V-PRO persistently redefines floor protection globally, we extend an invitation for you to be part of our journey. Whether you've been with us from the early days or are discovering us now, welcome to a brand that transcends protection—it's an innovation, a standard, and a commitment to excellence. 


Welcome to V-PRO, where our story is still being written—one roll at a time. 

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