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Professional Waste Solution

The unique concept of V-Procover is the specialization in unburdening the waste and waste flows of paper producers of laminated paper, such as fruit juice packaging. The waste hierarchy within the V-Procover is to focus on waste prevention and minimization. This is achieved by re-using and recycling waste from producers around the world. A local paper processor is deployed per production location to process the loose materials. The transports are supported by means of open, press, and customer-made containers. This minimizes costs and emissions per container transport. At the central point in the Netherlands, the various flows are collected and redistributed.

"V-Procover wants to recycle 100,000,000 kilos of paper waste annually by 2025"

The unburdening and processing of waste and waste flows is the basis of the Verbo Group. Relieving paper producers of laminated paper has been the usual and innovative working method of the Verbo since 1997. That portfolio was later supplemented with plastic flows, the development, production and trade of the complete package of floor protection and insulation materials.

The unique thing about our concept is that all materials can be reused. Either as a new end product or as a raw material. The close cooperation of various specialties between the departments gives V-Procover a high degree of flexibility. This ensures that maximum yield can ultimately be achieved from plastic and paper waste flows.


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