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V-PRO, the supplier who goes the extra mile

V-PRO thinks along with you to make your customer experience as optimal as possible! These days the prices to ship a container are skyrocketing. The global pandemic has created huge queues at the world's biggest ports. Ships are waiting days and sometimes weeks at a time while they’re stuck on see.

The demand for see containers is also rising. In order to obtain the last free spots on the ships prices are rising continuously.

V-PRO is always ready to think along during these different times. In order to keep the price low, V-PRO is not limited to shipping pallets in a fixed form. V-PRO is able to ship standing and lying rolls on pallets to make the best use of the space in the containers (as can be seen in the picture below).

V-Pro Floor Protection

That’s what we call a (V)-PRO service!

This is in line with the V-PRO waste management program. V-PRO strives to reduce waste. Waste management includes all activities with which you separate waste until there is a residue left. This process includes collecting, treating and transporting waste. It is important to monitor and regulate this process.

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