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V-PRO - The Ultimate Temporary Floor Protection

V-PRO is one of the leading brands when it comes to surface protection solutions used in the construction- and contracting industry. Our success is based on in-depth knowledge, professionalism and customer orientation.

V-PRO Protection Board is temporary floor protection made out of misprints from juice box packaging / milk cartons. The material consists of 2 sides of double laminated paper. V-PRO is waterproof (YouTube Video) and easy to apply and remove. That's why V-PRO is perfect for use during activities such as painting, plastering applications, remodeling, moving, etc. Besides that, it is the most sustainable option to protect your floor.

V-PRO Protection Board is an exclusive product of Verbo, used by professionals and consumers. Simply lay the roll on the floor and roll it out to the desired length. It doesn’t get much easier.

Want to see how it works? Take a look at our YouTube Channel for the full Video.

Available in: 538sq.ft. Width: ± 51 inch. Fleece weight: 33lbs per roll. Coated: Coated on both sides. Waterproof: yes. Available on Amazon.USA


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