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V-PRO is proud to have helped realize the Natiivo Austin building in downtown Austin

V-Pro Floor Protection Used In The Natiivo Austin Building

Natiivo Austin

V-PRO is proud to be a part of helping to realize a new concept in the urban living scene of downtown Austin. The new Natiivo Austin tower has a new home sharing concept which is unique in the Rainey Street District, where it is located.

Due to the growing demand for shared living, the Natiivo Austin combines a residential living tower with a high-end hotel. The concept is as follows: when you have obtained an unit, which by the way have already sold out completely, you can rent out your unit on an online exchange platform like expedia or Airbnb. In that way, you can help satisfy the growing hunger for shared living.


V-PRO have delivered over 25 pallets of V-PROCover in order to help realizing the construction of Natiivo Austin. V-PRO delivered the V-PROCover in order to garantee a safe completion of the floor and to make sure no water or paint damaged the floor. V-PRO loves providing a helping hand in new projects, and this new concept is no different.

Do you also want to have the possibility to deliver your flooring surface in perfect condition before the deadline is dued and have no stress during execution?

Contact us, V-PRO, and we are always happy to assist!

Or have a look at what our product can mean for you or your project!


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