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Save valuable time with PerfectCover standard

Self-adhesive universal protection fleece during construction, remodeling and renovation.

V-Pro Floor Protection

Construction companies, handymen, installers, plasterers and painters save valuable time with PerfectCover Standard self-adhesive universal cover fleece. This is the reliable protector for floors and stairs during construction, renovation and reconstruction. With PerfectCover Standard, you avoid a lot of hassle and time loss due to repair work. Time you can make better use of. Private individuals and entrepreneurs are queuing up to have their property renovated, modernized and made energy efficient. The examples on this page will give you an impression of the wide range of applications for this beautiful covering material.


It seems as if the whole world is rebuilding. Private individuals want a new kitchen, bathroom or extension. But business clients are also knocking on the doors of construction and finishing companies in droves, now that more and more employees want to continue working on a flexible basis. In the meantime, the BENG standards are also coming into play. These describe the requirements for nearly energy neutral buildings. So there is work for builders, installers, painters and plasterers.

Covering pays off

Covering up pays off. It always does. Because you need to move on quickly to the next project without having to worry about repair work. That's why you use PerfectCover Standard self-adhesive universal cover fleece to cover dry hard substrates. The first advantage is the anti-slip top layer of liquid-proof PE foil. This prevents penetration by water, paint, plaster and latex. The second advantage is the polyester non-woven layer. It protects against demolition waste, rubble, grit, climbing materials, construction materials and falling tools. And finally, the sophisticated adhesive layer that keeps PerfectCover Standard excellently in place. Not only safe for the surface, but also for the people who work on it. With PerfectCover Standard on your floor or stairs, you are well-prepared for the job ahead.

Throughout the project

Use PerfectCover Standard throughout the entire project. So from the preparatory demolition work to the finishing and delivery. Of course, to cover the surface on the construction site itself, but don't forget the approach routes and the entrance. PerfectCover Standard is available in various widths. The 0.65 rolls, for example, are ideal for stairs and hallways. The wider rolls of 2 meters and 1 meter protect larger surfaces, such as the floors of living rooms and offices. So you have a solution for conversions and renovations of any size. And when the work is finished? Then PerfectCover Standard is easy to remove. Without leaving any residue, of course. In addition, you can re-use undamaged cover fleece.

The advantages of PerfectCover Standard at a glance:

- Excellent protection for dried out (not recently laid) hard floors.

- Self-adhesive, so extra safe for people and surfaces.

- Due to the liquid-tight top layer, very resistant to water, moisture, paint, etc.

- Excellent protection against mechanical damage

- Suitable for floors and stairs. Also in access routes and passages.

- Available in various widths

PerfectCover cover materials

PerfectCover covering materials are available at your professional hardware store, hardware wholesaler or painting wholesaler. Would you like more information about PerfectCover Standard? Then take a look at the product page or contact the helpful advisors team of V-PROCOVER We will be happy to answer your questions!


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