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Colony Hardware - Proud Partner of V-PRO

We would like to highlight one of our largest customers, Colony Hardware, who ensures that our V-PRO is on the job site and being used.

Colony Hardware provides Tools, Equipment, Fasteners, Supplies, Safety Products, as well as Rental and Repair services to commercial construction and industrial accounts throughout our markets.

They stock over 25,000 different products from over 750 different manufacturers. They continue to fulfill thousands of orders accurately so that you and your tradespeople can be productive, safe and reach your deadlines easily.

V-PRO stands for quality, durability and value. Colony Hardware's strength lies in the quality of the goods, and we are happy to provide them with that quality since 2019.

The Story

FYI – we met Rob and Lisanne in 2018, and honed right in on the V-PRO Floor protection board – as a unique product, that offers a superior level of Surface Protection at a very attractive price. COLONY added this product to our portfolio later that year, rolling it out across the markets we service in 2019.

And the successes began . . .

The V-PRO Floor protection board sales have grown, each and every year, exponentially.

2019 - Start

2020 +117% sales growth

2021 +114% sales growth

These sales numbers are going to continue to grow exponentially, and 2022 is shaping up to be a stellar year – as several competitive products are going to be gone, due to high production costs and low margins. The V-PRO Floor protection board is going to fill the massive void the result of the elimination of these products. As VERBO’s USA partner, we plan to ramp up inventory, and are ready to meet the needs of the Flooring Contractors that will be affected by these products being eliminated.

Through COLONY’s diligence and thousands of calls to job sites in the markets we service, we have built a great following for The V-PRO Floor protection board. This success is based on both this The V-PRO Floor protection board's superior performance and price.

We truly cherish VERBO’s partnership with COLONY, honoring the commitment and success we have attained - promoting these products in the +45 [and rapidly growing] number of markets that COLONY services. This continued partnership will ensure that these trends continue well into the years ahead.

For those interested in V-PRO on construction, Colony is the ultimate partner!

Visit: for more information and be sure you get your floor protection right.


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