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The origin of V-PRO

V-PRO was founded in 2017 from the Verbo Group. V-PRO was originally created to protect floors while doing DIY at home. Later, V-PRO saw new opportunities in the construction industry and is now a supplier to major construction projects throughout the United States.

V-Pro Floor Protection

After conquering the European market, the Verbo Group was ready to make the move towards the United States. Because the V-PRO is much more practical than its competitors, it is currently capturing a lot of market share of the Floor Protection industry in the United States. The main advantages of the V-PRO over its competitors are that it is water-repellent and very lightweight. However, the light weight does not make for worse protection. V-PRO is the best floor protection for DIY jobs and useful for the Construction industry due to its lighter weight and smaller size.

Our product is appreciated with a 5-star rating on Amazon.USA. We would like to keep it that way and through our quality management we ensure that only the best rolls will be delivered to your home. Should there still be any dissatisfaction, our customer service will provide an appropriate solution.

Interesting Facts:

1. For consumers, the V-PRO is currently on sale at Amazon.USA

2. Our biggest customer in the United States is:

3. V-PRO is the market leader in Europe in terms of floor protection

4. V-PRO is made from recycled materials

5. V-PRO is working on a factory in the United States

Please have a look at our Amazon page.


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