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Welcome to V-PRO, where our commitment to sustainability is more than a mission—it's an adventurous journey. In a world surrounded with escalating waste challenges, we've set out to redefine the narrative, focusing on innovative solutions that resonate with our brand. V-PRO is dedicated to manufacture the finest surface protection using the most environmentally friendly sources. Welcome to our new era of sustainable innovation for temporary floor protection. 


V-PRO Strategy: A Sustainable Revolution for floor protection


Our strategy at V-PRO is a masterclass in sustainability, with a focus on unburdening laminated paper producers, particularly targeting materials like fruit juice packaging. We've created a unique waste hierarchy that emphasizes prevention and minimization, coupled with a global approach to reusing and recycling waste. It's not just waste reduction; it's a creative reuse of materials that echoes our commitment to sustainable practices. 

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Transforming Waste into Innovation:
The V-PRO Sustainability Journey 

  • Our Vision of Waste Management
    Waste Management is not just a process; it's our commitment to responsible practices. From collection to treatment and transportation, we prioritize the safety of people, animals, and nature. Our approach spans various waste types, with a recent emphasis on reuse and recycling to extract maximum value from every material.
  • The Global Waste Challenge: Our Call to Action
    The planet is facing a waste crisis, with projections suggesting a 50% surge in waste production by 2050. At V-PRO, we've taken this challenge head-on, recognizing the urgent need for sustainable solutions that not only curb environmental impact but also redefine the future of waste management. This global problem that governments deal with on a daily basis requires a sustainable solution to ensure that the negative consequences for the environment and the environment are reduced. Waste reduction must be taken to a higher level and Waste Management plays an important role in this. ​
  • The Verbo Strategy
    The unique concept of Verbo Group is the specialization in unburdening the waste and scrap flows of paper producers of laminated paper, such as fruit juice packaging. The waste hierarchy within the Verbo Group is to focus on waste prevention and minimization. This is achieved by reusing and recycling waste that comes from producers around the world. A local paper processor is deployed at each production location to process the loose materials. The transports are supported by open, press and customer-made containers. This minimizes costs and emissions per container transport. At the central point in Tilburg, the various flows are collected and redistributed among the various BVs.
  • The Verbo Group solution
    The special concept at Verbo B.V. is to reuse the materials for the production of the V-PRO Protection Board. The recycled product is reused to ultimately serve as floor protection in the construction sector. The result of this is that waste is not only reduced but also reused. For the waste streams of other paper streams that have been rectified for the food sector, Ppi B.V. the ultimate sustainable solution. Ppi ensures that the paper flows get a second chance in the food industry by producing food-related articles for support and covering. The repurposed products are certified through migration tests before they continue on their way to the consumer. Ipt recycling's core business is re-purposing plastic and paper waste. Waste flows are taken off the hands of clients, which then enters the processing process at the machines of Ipt recycling. The high-quality processing results in an end product that is ready for new applications. By acting in accordance with procedures and regulations, the environment is spared and the client has one less thing to worry about. Finally, Ipt is the collector, sorter and trader of the special types of waste, paper and plastics from the packaging industry. This relieves producers worldwide of what they claim is waste, but in the eyes of Verbo Group is sustainable material.
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V-Procover wants to recycle 220,000,000 lbs of paper waste annually by 2025

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The unburdening and processing of waste and waste flows is the basis of V-PRO. Relieving paper producers of laminated paper has been the usual and innovative working method of the Verbo since 1997. That portfolio was later supplemented with plastic flows, the development, production and trade of the complete package of floor protection and insulation materials.

The unique thing about our concept is that all materials can be reused. Either as a new end product or as a raw material. The close cooperation of various specialties between the departments gives V-Procover a high degree of flexibility. This ensures that maximum yield can ultimately be achieved from plastic and paper waste flows.

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Join Us on the V-PRO Sustainability Journey 

At V-PRO, we're not just managing waste; we're transforming it into innovation. Our focus is clear: reducing environmental impact, maximizing resources, and offering you sustainable choices.


Explore the V-PRO difference and join us on a journey where waste becomes a catalyst for positive change. 

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