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Exclusively produced by V-PRO, the Protection Board is a product made from strong fruit juice packaging combined with a gray PE layer on both sides. The V-PRO Protection Board made from this misprinted juice carton/milk carton material makes up the majority of our business - and we sell over 600 million square metres a year in more than 25 countries.

The V-PRO Protection Board is the number one sustainable choice and manufactured as a result of our Professional Waste Solution Management.

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V-PRO Protection Board is a strong, durable, and liquid proof surface protection that is easy to roll out, use, and remove. 


Our material is derived from recycled juice boxes and milk cartons, which gives us the opportunity to create a product from high quality material at a very low price. V-PRO® Protection is liquid proof and is fully resistant against water, oil or any other liquid. Due to its composition of several layers of PE, paper and aluminum, the protection board has a high durability that holds up in the workplace for longer periods of time and it highly impact-resistant.


This product has been designed for a range of tasks including painting, plastering, moving and construction or renovation work. It combines all the benefits of traditional protection materials such as cardboard, construction film and sheeting into a single, superior solution.

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Available in: 

538 ft² | ± 50" x 130' | ± 30 LBS

317 ft² | ± 25" x 155' | ± 18 LBS

150 ft² | ± 25" x 72.5' | ± 9 LBS





Self adhesive


Coated on both sides






We are committed to building enduring partnerships through a focus on long-term relationships. In pursuit of this goal and to maximize our mutual success, here is what we do for you:

  • Supplying commercial product information and product photos

  • Providing technical product specifications

  • Helping present your product both physically and online

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  • Thinking along with your specific customer requests, personally, by email or by telephone.

​V-PRO Protection Board is not suitable for newly laid floors such as porous stones, natural stones, clay tiles and concrete.

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