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What happens in Vegas? Well... V-PRO is once again coming to Vegas!


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North America's fastest-growing floor protection brand will once again be present at the 2023 World of Concrete trade show Jan. 17-19. 

V-PRO is superior floor protection for specific markets and purposes. To see if our solutions are a perfect match for your organization, we would like to learn more about your business operations. To start this conversation, we would like to invite you to visit our booth: S11751 South Hall. 

V-PRO is part of the Verbo Group (Verbo Group – Corporate Video) and is a leading recycling specialist in the liquid packaging industry. With this unique recycle concept we help you to save money and save the fish.

In 2022 in North America, our customers achieved an average growth rate of 50% and V-PRO received a 5-star rating on Amazon ( V-PRO Protection Board). Combined with a storm of enthusiastic feedback, it is clear that contractors are positively delighted and inspired by our floor protection.

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We look forward to seeing your next year.

"Our previous years at the WOC were very successful with great conversations with people from all kinds of backgrounds. It is without a doubt for us to participate again every year. I am sure we manage to make new great connections." - Rob Verschuren, Managing Director of the Verbo Group.

The World of Concrete will be held from 17 to 19 January 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre

We are very excited to share information, details and successes about our products and talk about how we can make it a win-win for our companies. At our booth you can see, feel and test the products. 

Some reviews from Amazon (4.5 out of 5.0) about our product: 

"High durability for remodel projects. We worked on top of it during demolition's, plastering and painting with no damage to the product itself and the existing floor tile. We even clean the construction dust and debris everyday with a bit of water using a hand-spray to make it easy to clean!" - Daniel Sanchez

"Used this floor protection over hardwood floors while remodeling the kitchen. The material was stout despite all the abuse it took patching sheetrock, moving appliances, cabinets and countertop install, etc. The floor protection was down for over 3 months. Held construction dust and dirt on the surface so that it was harder to track around the house. Prefer this product over Ram Board for the surface type and cost." - R. W. Rohwer

"Renovated a home and had lot of contractors coming in and out. After we installed hardwood floors. We moved after the work was done. Had movers come in and out. Had us come in and out. It's rained and came I with wet shoes and some mud and it took the abuse. Stayed in place with some painter's tape. Great buy and durable. It's been on the floor for at least a month. Still going strong." - Amazon Customer


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S11751 South Hall

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