Self-Adhesive Standard has a liquid-tight top layer and a self-adhesive underside, which is suitable for all hard and smooth floors such as: laminate, PVC, tiles, plastic floors and stairs. Ideally suited for painting, plastering, moving and (re) building.

V-PRO self-adhesive Perfect Cover Standard

Product description

Self-Adhesive Standard is suitable for dry surfaces. The substrate must be dust-free, smooth, clean and free from chemicals. The cover fleece provides protection against dirt, moisture, rolling stock and falling tools. The processing temperature is between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius. Runs must be laid with an overlap of approximately 10 cm. Pre-testing is always recommended.


Self-Adhesive Standard has the highest quality with properties such as liquid-tight, shock-absorbing, reusable and self-adhesive. Due to the latter, the use of tape is no longer necessary. Finally, the product is made from recycled polyester fleece with an extra PE top layer.


Self-Adhesive Standard is not suitable for floors that have recently been laid, porous stone floors, natural stone floors, clay tiles and recently laid concrete. In addition, the product can be used for a maximum of 3 months. The underfloor heating must also be switched off.

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Available in








Self adhesive

269² ft and 538² ft

± 65cm or 100cm

160 grams per m²

PE film on the top