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Floor protection, accidents can always happen!

Many companies or people do not use floor protection when they are renovating. By not doing so, the floor will be damaged by various things. In some cases this doesn't matter because the floor has to come out anyway, but in other cases this was not the intention beforehand. Floor protection protects your floor properly and makes sure it remains scratch-free and undamaged.

V-Pro Floor Protection

It is important to do this immediately prior to the renovation and not during. This is because the floor is still nice and clean, so there is nothing to sand. In addition, no accidents can happen in the initial phase.

The advantage of floor protection rolls is that they are easy to lay down, and you have covered the entire room in no time. In addition, it is easy to clean up, so you do not have to sweep and mop the entire floor after your project.

You have different types of floor protection, the best price-quality ratio is of the V-PRO Protection Board. The V-PRO offers a lot of square footage for a low price and is water-resistant and has good impact resistance. The V-PRO has several sizes you can choose from. It also looks good in the room with its beautiful gray color.

Currently, the V-PRO gets an average 5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, and builders speak highly of the product.

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