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About Us

About Us

A concept in the market since 1997!

For more than 20 years Verbo B.V. has been engaged in the production of the

V-PRO Protection Board

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We have experience in the production and sales of products for the wholesale construction and painting industry, since 1997. Our core business is the production of temporary floor protection. Our range of products is continuously expanding. The latest innovation we have launched is the V-PRO product line. These paper protection rolls guarantee the most durable and environmentally friendly use of disregarded material that have been neglected as waste material.

V-PRO is a high quality, temporary floor protection. The product line of V-PRO is applicable for every type of floor and perfect for use during painting, stucco application, moving and remodelling.

From our fully renovated and extensive location in the Netherlands, we produce 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Thanks to our in-house production we are able to meet specific customer requirements. This way our customers can benefit from our fast delivery and efficient communication.

V-Pro is a trademark of  V-Procover L.C.C.